What is


Serenity is a tight-knit, family-friendly Guild, which takes an active role in a number of carefully selected MMOs.


We are a Guild that enjoys PvE, Crafting, Quests & Exploration, Instanced Dungeons and a little PvP - we have a go at most things. We do not focus on just one part of our games, more than any other.


The Guild enjoys a core of 20-25 full time players with an extended family of 20-30 more, who drop into the games occasionally. We like to have a combination of new and long-term players, as it gives us a great opportunity to help each other out, as well as creating vibrant Ventrilo and in-game chat channels.


All in all, our main strength is the mature social aspect of our Guild Members.

What are we playing?

As of August 2014, we are on the lookout for our next "main focus" game. As a Guild we like to put our energies into one game that suits our Guild playing style. Until it closed in December 2011, Star Wars Galaxies was that game of choice.


On our search to find a replacement we are looking at a number of MMOs, including The Repopulation, Shroud of the Avatar, Project SWG and Camelot Unchained - all of which are currently in development. As soon as one of these launches, we will update our status here and will begin to recruit in earnest again.


Until then, a core of six Serenity Guildies meet in our Ventrilo chat channel on a daily basis to reminisce about the past, play whatever games take our fancy, and wait for Serenity to be reborn in our next MMO.


We use Ventrilo in-game voice chat a lot, as being in Serenity is as much a social as a game playing option for us. So much so, that some Guildies play a number of online games, and use Ventrilo to stay in touch with the rest of the Guild as a whole.


Ventrilo give us a number of advantages in game - faster communication, more effective control of groups of players and of course, less wear and tear on keyboards.


You can always find someone in our Ventrilo server, with its dedicated lobby and game specific chat rooms - so whether you want to play a MMO with our Guildies or just pop in to catch up on what the Guild is doing. Use the Contact Us link on the How To Join page to get the login details.

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