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 Originally formed on the Intrepid Server in Star Wars Galaxies in 2003, Serenity lived in a city called Aletheia on Talus for many years. After an attempted takeover of the original city, we had to quickly relocate Aletheia to another location on Talus near Dearic.


Serenity members began moving to, or creating characters on Starsider in response to the declining population on Intrepid in early 2008. These early movers promptly set up shop as Serenity on Starsider and began to build the Guild again from the great community that existed there.


By early 2009 almost all of the Intrepid Serenity members still active in Star Wars Galaxies migrated to Starsider and rejoined comrades who they have kept in contact with through the game and through our old website.


Although the numbers in the game declined sharply after the announcement of its impending closure, a core of ten Guildies stayed there until the end.

What we played

Serenity began in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) in 2003, pretty much as soon as Guilds were available in the game. The Guild name came from the Joss Whedon TV series Firefly, which ran for one season in the US and featured the adventures of the crew of a vessel called Serenity. The original Guild founders were fans of the show.


Over the 8 years that SWG was up and running, we became one of the oldest Guilds in the game, and are proud to say we were there on the final day when the servers were turned off.


As a Guild, we are interested in Sandbox games - we enjoy the social aspects, the city building and the freedom that they give you as a player. Some of us have played The Old Republic, but found it too limiting, Lord of the Rings Online, Eve and Star Trek were also tried out, but did not have the depth of economy and social that we are looking for.


The name of our main city came from the Greek language - it means truth or a state of openness. It was a trading hub on Talus, near to the coast (waypoint 1836 - 4756) not far from the contested city of Dearic.


On the left are some screen grabs from the last week of the game. The left two images are of the two main roads in Aletheia, with City Hall in the background.


Bottom right is a view of the interior of City Hall and top right is a view from Sivett's Hangar, looking past the shuttle to the main square.


We have a lot more images of Aletheia on our Guild Gallery page, so go and take a look.

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