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 Are you looking for a Guild to join when you are playing MMOs? Serenity is a world-wide, english-speaking Guild with players in the UK, USA, Sweden, Ireland, Canada and Australia.


If you enjoy the social aspects of online gaming, grouping with friends who are they to help when you need them, and getting one-to-one help when you are new to a game, then Serenity is the Guild for you.


Serenity offers different things to different players. Some just want to chat whilst playing an MMO. Others need help to play their games, but everyone enjoys the backup of having other Guild members around when things get tough, you are outnumbered, or just that you need advice.


Whatever your reasons, we are here to help, and be helped, by you.

Interview process

Before you can join the Guild full time, we will have a short interview with you, where we make sure you will fit in well with the rest of us. The interview is conducted either via in-game text chat, email, Skype or iMessenger, all of which are very straightforward. If you are successful, we will then give you a two week tryout, just to see that we all get along.


Because we are a Guild with players of all ages from teenagers through to people who are old enough to have teenagers as children of their own, we are looking for Guild members with a degree of maturity. Serenity Guildies are helpful, fun, understanding and relaxed. Although we are casual in our outlook and gameplay, we will only help people that help us - so no self-serving ego-maniacs.


If everything is hunky dory, then you will be a full member of Serenity until the day you leave the games we play, until you expire in real life, until you break the Guild rules, or until you drive us up the wall.

Contact us

There are a number of ways that you can contact Serenity:


We have a Facebook page which you can look at here. We post information there about important Guild events and interesting news & developments.


Our Guild email link is here


At the moment, we are not playing one particular MMO. Once we have settled into our new game, we will put the names of the main Guild officers here, so that you can contact them in-game.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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