Although we began in Star Wars Galaxies, our Guild members have moved into a number of other MMOs over the years, and have taken their Avatar names with them.


If you meet Sivett Aroon in another game, such as The Repopulation, chances are that it is the same guy. Numerous Guildies are proud of their toon names and use them whenever they can.


Here are a few of the Serenity Guild Officers who you should watch out for in MMOs:

The Repopulation

This game is our next home. It is currently in development, and you can find out a lot about it from the official site here. It's well worth a look.


It is a game that has been heavily influenced by SWG and is our current top choice for where we will be having our home. The developers describe the game as follows:


"The Repopulation is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The action takes place on the planet Rhyldan, with the only known remaining human population fighting for their very existence. The indigenous life forms did not meet their colonization efforts with open arms. Worse yet, humans have managed to splinter themselves into warring factions.


It is a sandbox oriented MMORPG with an eye on innovation. Rather than forcing players down preset paths they are instead allowed to walk the path which they enjoy the most. With a variety of combat oriented and non-combat activities to pursue, we believe we’ve created a game that can stand the test of time".

Other Games

In our search for a replacement MMO for SWG, we have tried numerous other current games. You name it, we've given it a go.


In no particular order, Serenity Guildies could be found in Star Wars The Old Republic (a themepark, so not any kind of replacement for SWG), Lord of the Rings Online (too simplistic in the crafting mechanic, Defiance (strangely addictive) and Star Trek Online (strangely moneygrabbing).


Some individual Guildies tried The Secret World, EVE Online, Finally Fantasy XIV and Archeage - still the search goes on for depth.

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